Founded in 1984, Saville’s Freights is a family owned and managed company which has a well-established reputation as one of the South West’s premier providers of quality Logistics.

Understanding the customer

From many years experience, we know the best way of achieving superior customer service and satisfaction is through a complete understanding of our clients’ business and their requirements.

We do this by providing dedicated account management, constantly on hand to give the help and guidance your business demands, always fulfilling KPI and OTIF requirements.


Vehicles and Trailers

All our vehicles are less than 5 years old and we believe that a clean, well maintained and first-rate quality vehicle is paramount in portraying professionalism whilst transporting our customer’s goods. As the last link in the supply chain, we will deliver the quality of service expected by your customer. We have implemented an Eco scheme to commit to the reduction of empty mileage, evaluating our carbon footprint and training drivers in fuel conservation and Eco awareness.


All our warehouses are secure, clean, conform to stringent health and safety requirements and have fully audited pest control.


We appreciate the importance of people in our organisation and we have invested in a program of training to ensure an unbeatable team of committed, highly motivated, capable and helpful staff.


We embrace the need for continuous improvement and to ensure our ongoing commitment to Quality, we are ISO9001 accredited.

In transport and distribution we adhere to Freight Transport Assocation (FTA) Conditions of Carriage 2002. For storage we comply with Freight Transport Association (FTA) Condition of Storage 2007.